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Department of Special Education


Founded in August, 1997, the Department of Social Education (DSE) has been providing courses and training both on special education and on elementary education, an effort to cultivate future teachers applying theory into practice.  In a joint effort with the university’s Special Education Center, the DSE promotes the research and life-long education programs of special education.  The result of which is the launch of special education summer MA programs for in-service teachers in July, 2000, and the launch of MA programs in August, 2004.


The aim of the DSE is whole-person education.  Consequently, in addition to taking special education courses within the university, DSE students are required to participate a wide range of volunteer work that involves care for the disabled and environmental protection, an effort to foster the compassion in the students.  On top of that, the DSE collaborates with medical institutes and educational organizations as well as nursing homes for the disabled from either public or private sectors.  The collaboration is an effort for the students to improve their knowledge and ability in special education in order to render our students capable teachers who are excellent in theory and in practice.  It is also an effort to boost independent thinking, life-long learning, and multiple intelligence in the students.


The issues the DSE involves are as follows: 
-The identification, instruction and counseling of students of special education.
-The improvement of teaching strategies, diagnosis instrument, research and development of teaching material and of special education. 
-Development of professional ability in relevant fields such as rehabilitation and medical care. 
-Counseling for the acquisition of teacher’s certificates and teacher’s qualification tests. 


-The Department’s faculty consists of 10 full-time teaching members and an administrative assistant. 
-Of the teaching faculty, 10 members have received doctoral degrees.



Academic Background

Research Interest

Liu, ming-sung

Associate Professor

 Ph.D. National Changhua University of Education

●Intellectual Disabilities
●Learning Disabilities
●Multiple Disabilities
●Life Education

Zeng, shin-jie


Ph.D. The Ohio State University

●Abnormal Psychology
●Reading Disabilities
●Emotional Disorders

Wei, jiun-hua


Ph.D. National Changhua University of Education

●Teaching Materials and Methods of Mental Retardation
●Behavior Modification

Wang, ming-chuan

Associate Professor

Ph.D. National Changhua University of Education

●Educational Testing and Measurement
●Education Statistics

Wang, ming-wen

Associate Professor

Ph.D. National Taiwan Normal University

●Art Therapy
●Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
●Principles and Practice of Guidance
●Theory and Practice of Counseling

Cheng, yu-shiung

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Saint Louis University

●Resource Room Management
●Instruction Practicum in Exceptional Students

Wu, Sheng-Ru

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. National Changhua University of Education

●Teaching Studant with Severe Disabilities
●Sexuality Education of Intellectual Disabilities
●Applied Behavior Analysis

Lin, Pei-Ju

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. National Taiwan Normal University

Teaching Masterials and Methods of Mental

●Assistive Technology

●Adapted Physical Education

●Severe and Multiple Disabilities

Li, hsiou-fei

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Northwestern University

●Learning Disabilities
●Mathematical Disabilities
●Development of Individual with special Needs


Assistant Professor

Ph.D. National Cheng-Kung University

●Cerebral Palsy
●Severe and Multiple Disabilities ●Assistive Technology

Their were 128 credits courses for DSE students, include as follows:

General education courses.

Common courses of Teacher college
Introduction to Education
Educational Psychology
Principles of Teaching

Fundamental courses
hinese Phonetics and Oral Expression
Introduction to Special Education
General Mathematics
Art and Crafts
Health and Physical Education
Introduction to Natural Science
Introduction to Arts
Introduction to Social Studies
Learning Assessment
Principles and Practices in Guidance
Philosophy of Education
Sociology of Education
Curriculum Development and Design
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Introduction to Gifted Education
Development of Individual with Special Needs
Learning Disabilities
Introduction to Early Intervention
Hearing Impairment
Emotionaland Behavioral Disorders
Visual Impairment
Language Disabilities

Core Courses 
Assessment of Student with Special Needs
Teaching Materials and Methods for Students with Special Needs (I)
Teaching Materials and Methods for Students with Special Needs (II)
Theory and Practice in Individualized Education Plan

Instruction Practicum in Exceptional Students (I)
Instruction Practicum in Exceptional Students (II)
Instruction Practicum in Exceptional Students (III)
Instruction Practicum in Exceptional Students (IV)
Curriculum Accommodation and
Instruction Design of Special Education
Theory and Practice of Inclusive Education
Administration and Regulation of Special Education
Applied Behavior Analysis
Sign Languages
Case Study
Resource Room Management
Issues and Ternds in Special Education
Learning Difficulties and Remediation
Computerized Instructional Material Designs for Special Education Classes
Educational Testing and Measurement
Performing Artsin Education
Abnormal Psychology
Art Therapy

Professional Courses 
Social Service
Life Education
Daily Living Skills Training
Environmental Design for Special Education
Human Physiology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Language Development and Speech Therapy
Theory and Practice of Counseling
Behavior Modification
Gender Equity Education for
Exceptional Students
Communication Training for Students with Multiple Disabilities
Assistant Technology
Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Rehabilitation Counseling
Application of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device

Special education curriculum designed for teachers of elementary schools and schools of special education are slated to launch in response to the trend of teacher integration.
Promotional measures for special education instruction and research are in prospect in an effort to provide educational personnel in eastern Taiwan access to life-long learning.
Constant special education programs and minor programs will be offered to students from other departments in the university
The DSE is slated to offer assistance to the preparation and establishment of National Special Education School.

The DSE is committed to foster teachers of special education for elementary schools, to provide educational personnel access to life-long learning, and to provide constant assistance and counseling to teachers of elementary schools and junior high schools in our counseling district.